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Volunteer Spotlight: Courtney Medick

January 16, 2020 6:07PM

Everything that AMA Minnesota offers would not be possible without the amazing work of our volunteers. Often their work is done behind the scenes. To thank our volunteers and bring their efforts to light, we regularly showcase them in a Volunteer Spotlight.

Meet Courtney Medick, AMA MN member and Marketing Committee volunteer!

Volunteer Since: January 2019

1. Why did you decide to become a volunteer with AMA MN?

I was looking for a way to become more involved in the local marketing community.

2. What do you enjoy most about being a volunteer on your committee?

I love collaborating with our team to promote our events and involvement opportunities. Working with the other volunteers to bring our ideas and expertise together and put them into action to help connect and grow our community has been so rewarding. I really enjoy sharing our passion for marketing and AMA with the other volunteers.

3. Why is being a volunteer with AMA MN important to you?

Being a volunteer has been a great experience and has allowed me to grow personally and professionally. I have been able to use my skills to help share AMA MN's mission and opportunities, and I have had the chance to connect with some great people and strengthen my network. One of the main reasons I joined AMA MN was to better connect with fellow marketers and volunteering is just one of the many ways I've been able to build relationships in our community.

4. What’s the one thing you wish others knew about volunteering with AMA MN? What makes it unique?

Volunteering is one of the best ways to create connections, build upon skills and make an impact in our organization. By becoming a volunteer, you are surrounded by marketing professionals from all areas of the industry and all stages in their careers who are passionate about marketing, which is an incredible resource for networking. Working on projects for AMA MN is a great experience to have on a resume and allows you to give back and support the local marketing community. These opportunities to work with many great people to further AMA MN's goals and to work on improving my personal and professional skills has been invaluable. 

5. What is some of the best advice you've received in your career?

The scariest moment is just before you start so don't be afraid to take the first step.

6. Besides volunteering, what do you enjoy doing in your free time?

I love going to the movies. And when I'm not catching the latest films on the big screen, I like to travel and explore new places, whether it be short day trips or week-long excursions. Some of the recent places I've visited are Oregon, Utah and Spain and I highly recommend them!

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