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Event recap: TSI’s focus on the buyer’s journey

February 28, 2018 8:13PM

Darrick Niccum, VP of Marketing at TSI, shared a case study showing how TSI, a company of many engineers, has been working to transform their product-specific lead generation website into a valuable resource focusing on the buyer’s journey.

To re-focus their website, TSI worked with a consulting company and went through several workshops to determine their customer needs:

  1. Value proposition and messaging
  2. Persona development
  3. Mapping the buyer’s journey
  4. Information architecture

It’s all about understanding your customer's needs from their perspective, not from your company’s perspective. Make it easier for your customer to buy your product within every step of the journey.

  • Identify where your customer is in their buying journey.
  • Educate and influence your customer by leading them to a solution with your product
    or services:
    • Nurture through the buying process
    • Lead to the next step in the buying journey
    • Establish and re-enforce though leadership
    • Challenge customers to step outside of assumed solutions. Do they understand the problem they are trying to solve?
  • Direct to the sales team at the right time, not too early.
  • Nurture even after sale is made with post purchase support (use of product, training, etc.).

As you learn more about your audience segments, refine and build content that meets their needs. If the content doesn’t have a purpose and doesn’t benefit the customer, refine it or get rid of it.