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Event recap: Don’t Leave Your Consumer Mindset Behind When Creating B2B Healthcare Content

July 01, 2017

Healthcare is evolving from wellness to wellbeing – social, emotional, spiritual and financial – that’s dominating every aspect of our lives. Andy Jacobson, director, strategic communications for HealthFitness, shared some tips for how to think like a consumer to make your healthcare marketing strategy and content relevant and influential.

  • We are all consumers. Don’t expect your audiences to check their influences at the door. Listen to what your clients and consumers like about the big influential brands. Don’t have a huge budget or enough staff? Be creative.  
  • Consumers expect targeted, personalized messages and experiences – whether they’re surfing the latest deals online or searching for healthcare.
  • Own your experiences (and biases). How might these mindsets influence your content and strategies?
  • Segment your audiences. Where are the people you are trying to reach? Leverage social media and technology to learn habits and meet consumers where they’re at.
  • Don’t dismiss content ideas or attack strategies with all the reasons why you can’t do them.
  • Customize content and make it relevant. Why are you creating the content? Will anyone care? Is there a call to action you can measure?

Andy also shared how he and his team follow a “consumer is king” mindset when developing a B2B content strategy, executing against it and determining the best way to share it.

  1. Collaboratively review and evaluate research to support the objectives you're trying to reach.
  2. Consider blog posts as means not ends. Use testimonials and pair content with video.  
  3. Leverage content as public relations opportunities.
  4. Share content and findings through social media.
  5. Extend reach through in-person presentations. Extend your thought-leadership opportunities.
  6. Use metrics to tell your story. Don’t just share the numbers. Present consumer stories and anecdotes.