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Event Recap: Blue Goldfish

November 22, 2016

In customer experience, there is no such thing as meeting expectations. You either exceed expectations, or you fall short. So companies are always in search of new ways to better the customer experience. Evan Carroll had the opportunity to share some helpful customer experience tips to attentive marketing professionals on November 15, 2016 at International Market Square. 

Evan is co-author of the book “Blue Goldfish,” which highlights businesses leveraging technology, data and analytics to do a “little something extra” to improve the experience for their customers. A leader in digital legacy and personal archiving, Evan is co-founder at The Digital Beyond. 

According to an IBM study, three out of four customers expect organizations to understand their individual needs. Here are two keys that will give you a competitive advantage:

  1. Identify insights on your customers
  2. Leverage data and analytics to turn insights into action

By knowing the market, the competition, the economy, having a solid start-up plan and differentiation, you set yourself apart from other companies. And sometimes it’s the littlest things that make customers willing to do business with companies they like. 

Carroll shared these three areas of focus that will set your company up for success:

1. Relationships

-Build relationship with customers and you’ll be rewarded financially

2. Responsiveness

-Make experiences for your customer faster. Customer expectations are always increasing.

3. Readiness

-What are you doing with your customer data to create good experience?  You have the opportunity to market to individuals instead of marketing to the masses.

In closing, it’s important to always exceed your customers expectations, which will aid in improving the customer experience and ultimately the company’s bottom line.