February 04, 2017

We’ve all experienced the challenges in job search pursuits.  On January 31, AMA Minnesota members and non-members gathered to learn about how to make one’s self more marketable in the Minneapolis/St. Paul market.   Steve Renier, Human Resources Director, Periscope; Amie Goettig, Senior Recruiter, Colle + McVoy; and Matthew Pryor, Sr. Manager of Talent Acquisition, The Schwan Food Company, participated in a Q & A panel and shared their perspective on current and future job search questions.  

Here are some key takeaways that will help you when applying for a new job or future promotion:

  • The Minneapolis/St. Paul market is competitive, so be sure to expose yourself to multiple companies. Don’t limit yourself to just one organization. 

  • Before you submit your resume, fully research the company.  The website is great tool to use.

  • Schedule an informational interview for a fresh perspective of the company and set expectations.

  • Networking is key! Use your resources and establish new connections through industry social events.

  • Tailor your resume to fit the job description and show that you have a personality. Formatting and good communication skills are important so be consistent with punctuation, grammar, and tenses. Be sure to include past successes that will translate well to the organization or role.

  • For moves within your organization, open dialogue is key. Don't hesitate discussing promotions with your current manager. Just make sure you've been a rock star at your current role first to reinforce that your organization should continue to invest in you.

  • Ask smart questions when interviewing so you further understand what the role entails, what the culture is like, and how well you'll fit within the organization.

  • Take note of how you answered questions, both good and bad, so you will be prepared for these questions at future interviews.

  • Always follow up with a thank you after an interview. And if you were struck by on-the-spot interview jitters, this is a great time to provide a thoughtful and authentic answer to a specific question after you've had time to think about it more.

  • Negotiations aren't uncommon. Be reasonable in what you're asking for and communicate everything at the start of the negotiation process. Nobody likes surprises.

  • Be polite and professional through the entire process, including any negotiations!

  • Above all, networking is king. Reach out to your connections to familiarize yourself with organizations of interest and to connect you to even more people within the company. 

Because networking and who you know is important, industry organizations can help a lot with your search. Remember, the American Marketing Association is one such organization and the Minnesota Chapter is here to help you locally. To learn more about becoming a member visit amaminnesota.org.