Cargill’s Customer Engagement Measurement Approach

Mar 11, 2017

If you missed Cargill's March 7th presentation on a successful customer experience program, this recap highlights the event.

Event Recap: 5th Annual Ad Bowl

Feb 09, 2017

Didn't catch the #MNadbowl? Here's what our panelists thought about this year's ads.

Make Your Current or Future Job Search Work for You

Feb 04, 2017

Some key takeaways from a recent event.

Event Recap: Marketing Automation

Jan 31, 2017

The first step to implementing marketing automation is to ensure your CRM is clean. Your CRM is your main source of truth about your customers – without that, you have nothing. This was Eric Lehnen’s first pieces of advice during the AMA Minnesota event “The Future of Marketing: Automation” on January 24. Eric is a certified marketing automation and CRM consultant and Marketing Lead at Redpath Co

5 Questions with Eric Lehnen

Jan 23, 2017

Eric Lehnen is a certified marketing automation and CRM consultant at Redpath Consulting Group. Eric will be speaking at AMA Minnesota’s event, The Future of Marketing: Automation, on January 24.  He answered 5 of our questions about marketing automation.

2016 AMA Letter From CEO Russ Klein

Jan 11, 2017

The AMA’s unique strength is that we are a "community of communities." In North America alone the AMA is of service to over 17 million marketing and sales professionals. Each year nearly three million marketers engage with the AMA seeking answers they can use. Delivering on this promise is the AMA's mantra, "Answers In Action." The AMA is home of the most highly regarded marketing journals in the