Member Spotlight: Kelli McCabe

AVP of Membership, AMA MN Board of Directors

What do you wish others knew about the AMA MN? What makes it unique? 
AMA MN is truly one-of-a-kind. It’s a warm smile that beckons you to a conversation and makes you feel included. That sounds corny, but it’s incredibly accurate. I think we’ve all been at events where you can feel awkward or out-of-place (I know I’m not the only one). What’s amazing about AMA, is such a situation is never the case.

How long have you been an AMA MN member? Why did you decide to join?
I have been a part of AMA since graduating from college. I transitioned to the Minnesota chapter and I have been delighted at the level of interaction and engagement it offers. I love the multi-faceted nature of AMA and what it offers to members from different interest-areas (non-profit, B2B, digital, etc.).

Tell us about yourself - your professional background, experience and area of expertise. 
I'm a Marketing Specialist focusing primarily on brand engagement and event management. My job involves everything from end-to-end campaign execution both through digital and onsite activation. In a day-and-age where we can be surrounded by brands and messaging it’s truly exciting to be able to have a part in creating materials that stand out and stand as an engaging voice to our customers. In marketing we don’t just make things “look good” or create pithy taglines. We create (or sometimes try to) experiences that resonate with people.

A focus of the AMA MN’s mission, “Connect. Learn. Grow.”, is to create a ripple effect among its community of members where AMA connections can lead to new marketing education or career advancement opportunities. How have you experienced this ripple effect?
I went to an AMA member event and met so many great marketers, including Sara Martin, VP of Membership.The next thing I knew, we were both in a launch strategy meeting a week later. Turns out, my company had enlisted hers for some creative branding. What a small world! Meeting Sara also opened the doors for me to apply to be on the AMA MN Board of Directors, where I'm now the AVP of membership. 

What is a fun fact about you? 
I’ve made it my mission to find the best brussels sprouts in Minneapolis (or any city I’ve lived/visited). If they’re on a restaurant’s menu, I can’t not order them – FOMO is not an option. They’re my go-to potluck dish as well. Some might say I’m a cruciferous enthusiast. So, if anyone knows of some great sprouts, let me know!

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