Paige DeRoma

Project Manager @ Spyglass

Programming - Vice President
AMA Minnesota Board of Directors

Paige has a true passion for the strategy behind marketing and the process required to create award winning, results-driven work. She has worked in the marketing industry for 3 years and in her young career has remained eager to expand her knowledge and capabilities whenever possible. As Project Manager a Spyglass, Paige transcends the traditional boundaries of her job title, lending her expertise to a host of other agency needs including social media, web updates, promotional efforts and many other critical office functions.

She started attending AMA events in the early beginnings of her career and has enjoyed getting involved with the programming committee. In addition to her work for Spyglass and AMA, she is a high school leader at her church. In her free time, she loves spending time with her husband for which they both have a love for the outdoors and the many great parks throughout the Twin Cities. Paige has a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication Studies and Minor in Business from Bethel University as well as an Associate’s Degree in Web Design from MCTC.