Hurmah Khan

Marketing Specialist @ Medtronic

Marketing & Communications  — Vice President
AMA Minnesota Board of Directors

Hurmah has spent most of her career in the marketing field for a variety of industries in market research, strategy, and digital marketing. She serves as the VP of Marketing Communication for the Minnesota Chapter of the American Marketing Association.

Currently, as a Marketing Specialist at Medtronic, she collaborates with the Market Development team to build product portfolio and drive marketing campaigns.

Hurmah joined AMA MN to stay abreast of marketing trends through its educational events, build her network of marketing professionals, and give back to the community by volunteering for AMA MN.

In her spare time, Hurmah enjoys learning languages, playing sports, practicing various forms of art, and traveling. Connect with Hurmah on LinkedIn!

Connect with Hurmah on LinkedIn!

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