Diane Magers

@ Customer Experience Catalysts

Diane Magers has more than 20 years of building and growing customer and employee engagement. Diane's demonstrated leadership abilities help organizations design and execute strategies to drive customer obsession with targeted business results. Diane speaks and conducts workshops all over the world to help transform CX strategy into action. In 2011, she founded Customer Experience Catalysts, a thought leadership and consultancy practice helping brands identify and optimize their opportunities to engage customers and associates. Clients include VMWare, Honeywell, Blue Cross & Blue Shield and Align Technologies. She developed and led Customer Engagement, Customer Strategy and Business Transformation projects at Sysco including designing and centralizing their call center, optimizing sales interactions and redesign the customer digital platforms for products and business services. Her focus is customer and associate engagement and complex organizational change management to drive measurable business results.

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Customer experience is the customer’s perception of all the interactions they have with your brand and the value it creates for them. It is how you know and perform against their needs and expectations. Great companies like USAA, Amazon and Southwest understand their customers and intentionally design experiences for them. They know that working together across all the touchpoints a person has wit