Alissa Bartlett

Account Executive @ Improving - Twin Cities

Volunteers - Vice President 
AMA Minnesota Board of Directors

Alissa is an Account Executive at Improving - Twin Cities where she brings diverse expertise in customer insights, technology, and leadership development. Leveraging her CliftonStrengths of Arranger, Communication, Harmony, Positivity, and Woo, Alissa connects companies with the technical and business resources they need in order to thrive. Her B2C and B2B clients span multiple industries, including financial services, travel & transportation, manufacturing, non-profits, and more. 

Also a member of the Conscious Capitalism Twin Cities leadership team, Alissa believes that businesses have both the opportunity as well as the imperative to elevate humanity. This can be done by creating organizations that follow 4 tenets: Higher Purpose, Stakeholder Integration, Conscious Leadership, and Conscious Culture & Management. If you would like to learn more about how to do this, please reach out to

Alissa joined AMA to stay up to date on the latest marketing trends and expand her network in the MN marketing community. A natural networker, she enjoys connecting people with opportunities where they can add value. When she’s not market researching, Alissa can be found spending time with her family in Stillwater and singing with a group of women at her church.

As VP, Volunteers, Alissa's mission is to recruit and retain a team of diverse, engaged, active volunteers... if this appeals to you, please join us!