Dr. Kunal Gupta

Sr. Level Advisor @ Burke Institute

Dr. Kunal Gupta is one of the foremost authorities in the customer engagement and experience area. He serves as a senior level advisor to Burke’s clients as well as to the company’s internal project teams concerning the design and analysis of customer satisfaction studies, and studies linking customer, financial, employee, and operational measures. He draws from rich experience in the academic as well as the corporate world. He will be sharing stories and examples from a wide range of industries that he has worked with including technology, packaged goods, financial services, pharmaceuticals, and telecommunications. He is a co-author of the book “Decision Equity: The Ultimate Metric to Connect Marketing Actions to Profits.” Check out testimonials at http://www.burkeinstitute.com/SeminarLeader/Detail/ace16040-b535-4dff-b62b-9240e8fa7b93

For the past 30+ years, The Burke Institute has trained more than 80,000 marketing research and insights practitioners from around the world, through both public and in-house customized marketing seminars. Burke presents an unbiased look at various research practices, not just the proprietary viewpoints of a specific supplier. Take advantage of the AMA and the Burke Institute collaboration to save you travel cost, time, and effort by attending this seminar in the Twin Cities. Please visit www.burkeinstitute.com for more information.

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